Friday, August 28, 2009

elephant shell. you're my cave and i've been hiding out.

so yeah. basically i'm still in love with tokyo police club.
and after seeing 500 days of summer, i'm also obsessed with the following:
-"Us"- Regina Spektor
-"she's got you high"- mumm-ra
-"there's a light that never goes out"- the smiths.

the best part of the movie was when they're laying in a bed in Ikea and tom (joseph gordon-levitt or whatever) goes to summer (zooey) "my darling, there is a chinese family in our bathroom". it made me laugh so much.

so anyway i'm sitting in the lib, no doubt, watching tokyo police club videos. i'm patiently waiting for my next class eating a large pot of fruit i bought at giant eagle yesterday before my mom went off on me.
marissa and i made a fruit salad last night. it started off badly because i am incapable of cutting fruit aka mango and cantaloupe. but it ended nicely. and i'm so excited to eat it.
we're going to be healthy this year. but i can only imagine how long that is going to last.
i'm suriously a mess righ' now.
you should see my unshowered ness. not a good thing. but whatevs. i only had two classes today.
but i'm not even kidding. listen to those three songs. i think that if i were ever to be in a talent show, and i could sing well, i would sing the "us" song. it's so cute and amazing. and i can't wait until i get the cd's from the library. i need to stop downloading music. i'm going to jail. have fun.


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  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    i realllllly wanna see 500 days of summer. i wanted eric to go with me to the indie theater in silver spring, but he said NAY. Im soooo jealous, maybe denise will wanna go.