Sunday, August 30, 2009

everything you know is about to change forever.

so i'm sitting here in my temperature confused room, i'm just making a mental list of all the things i don't are a few:
why every time the weather changes slightly i get a sore throat, why would siblings choose to go to the same college, why people put their middle name/initial in thier facebook/myspace name (you don't go by that, stop pretending your middle name is exciting), why do i continue to let fruit rot in places it shouldn't, why i still haven't gotten any of my books and i've been in school for a week, why my stomach is doing what it does, why the word "aubergine" isn't in my pocket dictionary that i found in my bed along with, 6 bobby pins, three water bottles, two hair ties, four books, one pair of sweatpants, two sweaters, one sweatshirt and my car keys, why is my computer malfunctioning?

just thought you'd like to know what is going on in my brain right now.
oh and i know no one ever does, but if you have any book suggestions that will make me laugh, i'd like them. i just feel like reading something substantial but not deep. i just finished Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea because i read her other book My Horizontal Life over the summer and i felt the need to continue on this Chelsea Handler phase. anyway, i just want something that is not a "beach read", not a romance novel or some chick book. even though i'd assume chelsea's books would be considered just that. i'm halfway done Death Be Not Proud and it's really good i just...idk i love anything that's a quick read and i've been reading it since about 7 tonight and i'm halfway done. it's my kind of book. i'm more quantity over quality. yeah.

yeah, yeah. i guess the first week of school went fine. the actual school part had no hitches. i can never decide if i like knowing people in all of my classes. sometimes you just want to be alone. but what are you going to do when there are only so many history classes at duq and there are only so many people taking history classes and i'm forced to take 5. you're bound to know someone. i think it's cute in my pre-soviet russian class, there are 7 or 8 of us (aka the entire class) who all had our first history class together fall semester freshman year. i just find that adorable. but apparently half of these boys find the man i hate the most in the world to be one of their favorite professors. we can't have that.
oh and it's in one of my favorite classrooms. it's the size of my bedroom at my parents house. but yet we all somehow fit in there. anyway, i had this classroom sophomore year and (of course i sit in the same spot, middle of the row nearest the door, right next to the wall) the same tank-like figure is outlined on the wall where the paint chipped off. just goes to show you how much duq takes care of their buildings.

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