Monday, August 17, 2009

i will disguise myself as a sleeping pill and descend inside of you

so i'm reading my sister's keeper and i honestly thought this book would suck. but it's so amazing i can't find time to do anything else besides read it. it reminds me of my life in a way, which probably makes no sense, but it really does, when you get down to it. denise told me i had creepy choices in books. so i'm going to start the "creepy guide to being kristen"--through books. you can start with catcher in the rye, since it's all emo and stuff.
but anyway, vacation sucked. my family is crazy and i didn't realize that school started on the 24th cause my little told me it started the 28th so i was all happy thinking i would have two weeks at home instead of one. well i was wrong on both accounts. so i'm sort of glad to be leaving early.
when i was driving i made a mental list of all of the things that annoy me. here are a few : when people honk at you if you don't go the nanosecond the light turns green, when people whistle, when people have really long nails, white cars, when people don't text you back, chewing loudly, when people do myspace bulletins when they say "facebook me" or random shit like that, when books are boring, "beach reads", sunburns, when i have long nails, when people call me weird like it's some kind of compliment, spending all day watching tv, eating properly, people pretending to weigh less than they do, affection, or more importanly, faux-affection, when people say "i love you" even when it's all casual, most things pink, especially bright pink nails, tailgating while driving, when people share drunk stories about times you were not around or if you don't know them very well, birthdays, shopping with people, being poor, any type of scremo music, the fact that pete ruins fob with his feamo, when people make fun of my music taste, bumper stickers (especially when they say things like "moms for mccain" or blacks for obama), obama in general, when people text back with one word answers, the phrase "hehe", starbucks, turkey/chicken/roast beef lunch meat, horseradish and tartar sauce, the songs "the climg" and "paper planes", plain potato chips. those are just a few. i'm sure i'll come up with more when i stop blogging.
i was also thinking that there are three things that i think every person knows about me. 1. i love catcher in the rye. 2. i love harry potter. and 3. i'm a messy person.

now back to the book.

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