Thursday, August 20, 2009

so naive yet so...

this is from my new camera. i still can't take a pretty picture. i don't even like this one. who knows. i need to learn to take pictures that aren't supa gay. that's kiawah, by the way.
i just like this one. it makes me think of jupiter or something. it doesn't even look like a beach.

this was before my ashleigh's camera broke. idk if the flash was a warning sign. but ash looks pretty.

this is the small child that destroyed our sand castle that we worked so hard on. we spent all morning evening out the sides and making the base on the inside. and then she jumped all over. it.

i'll have to take a picture of myself when it's all said and done.
you'll have to wait and see the destruction of my hair. hopefully it'll be ok.

so the song of the day is "naive" by the kooks. it's the song on the credits on 17 again. (amazing movie, by the way). idk it's amazing. and i can't stop listening to it.

i'm also obsessed with that "make her say" song. and i'm always upset that i get lyrics wrong. i thought lady gaga was saying "she's got an electro-body" but it's not that. i just looked it up and can't remember.

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