Wednesday, August 19, 2009

that's why i don't drink and drive.

so in case you were wondering...and i know you weren't but i'm bored. so here are the top 25 played songs on my itunes:
1. troublemaker-weezer (don't ask. i listen to this song on repeat when i run)
2.tell me what to do-metro station
3.when i grow up-mayday parade
4.tessellate-tokyo police club
5.heels over head-boys like girls (there was that lapse in judgement i had for a while) we go again- demi lovato
7. keep your head- the ting tings a cave- tokyo police club
9. fruit machine- the ting tings
10.juno- tokyo police club
11. solo- demi lovato
12. u got nothin' on me- demi lovato
13. every time you lie- demi lovato
14. graves- tokyo police club
15. sixties remix- tokyo police club
16. falling over me- demi lovato
17. the world should revolve around me- little jackie (i'm also not sure about this one. it was number 3 for a really long time... and then i started expanding my music. i think this was because i would also run to this song when i was in shape)
18. listen to the math- tokyo police club.
19. disturbia- the cab
20. electroshock- 3oh3
21. reinvent the wheel- bright eyes
22. one of those nights- the cab
23. dance hall drug- boys like girls
24. good girls go bad- cobra starship/leighton meester
25. heartless- the one and only, kanye west.

well now you know. :] i clearly like demi lovato and tokyo police club. i'm surprised no owl city has made it on there yet. but i think my count must be messed up. who knows.

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