Thursday, September 10, 2009

all night. always.

so i'm in the computer lab (dur) and i'm the only one not wearing steelers gear. explain. oh i live in pittsburgh...

i wish i liked sports a smidge so i could at least pretend to be a steelers fan. and that i cared. but i don't. i feel like there is going to be a class in here.

but my blood testing experience was negative(i mean i'm sure my blood's ok). never in my life have i had issues with needles and the inside of my elbow. but anyway it hurt and the bitch couldn't get blood out of my right arm. i have no issues with blood or needles. it's the fact that my blood is in a container and not in my body. then she left the rubber band on my arm and took out the needle so blood started oozing out of my arm. she asked if it hurt as she was wiggiling the needle around in my bruised arm. yeah, it hurts, bitch.

and my stomach is all catastrophic. like the world is endingin my stomach. i just want to sleep and eat. but that's too much to ask.

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