Wednesday, September 30, 2009

and i'm sick of your tattoos.

ok so i think that a funeral is a legit excuse, bitch. and if it wasn't, then you should have told me. get the fuck over how you have to give me a separate test. that's what i'm paying you 3,000 dollars a class for, huh?
really. why does no one in this institution have any sympathy. my other professor was a dick about me missing a quiz yesterday cause i just couldn't go to class, but at least he's letting me retake it in a timely fashion. and it's not like i didn't give her as much notice as possible. if it wasn't ok, say something? keyboard pound might be necessary. and i swear i have a fever. i probably got the swine because this is my life after all.
all i really want to do is curl into a ball and not have spent 4 hours studying for this test today that i don't even get to take. i think you don't have a choice in the matter woman. give me the test. i was prepared. and now i have to wait a week. please explain to me your logic.

i think some more paper voodoo is in order.
i didn't go to any of my classes yesterday. no, i'm not a rebel. i just hate my life. i think i need to get my stomach taken out.
i went running yesterday instead of going to my class and taking that quiz and it was such good medicine. i think i actually ran a mile. i was so proud of myself. sad that i can only run a mile, yeah, but i'm just starting again. but it was the most perfect weather (in between rain spells) yesterday. i could run now except i have to sit in the library for 3 hours between my classes. i knew i should have brought gym stuff so i could have actually done something.
i guess i'll just myspace for hours. and i didn't bring a book. i know i'm in a library filled with books but nothing is speaking to me lately. i need a new drug.

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