Monday, September 14, 2009

do you know who i think i am?

ok so. really?
if i read one more thing about the whole kanye/t.swift debacle i'll punch someone. kanye is the shit. he was prob on crack (or i guess it would be coke cause he's rich), give him a break. you've gotta stick to your own race, right? the better explanation is that he was paid to do it by mtv. so they can have something to write about. and i read on twitter that katy perry sang a Queen song. i know you like them, but really, you're no Freddy Mercury. never will be. i mostly hate katy perry. i have no reason to, i just think she's lame (well, she bashed miley. and not that i'm the biggest fan of miley as a person, miley stewart, yes, but nevertheless, i just think it's rude to bash your colleagues). anyway this reminds me of the time britney spears "died" in 8th grade. i'm not even kidding. i learned that right outside mr. fox's classroom.

but on my walk today i thought a lot. not about anything important, duh, but just about life. for some reason i thought about why i don't like dogs. and how i'd be either a cat or a beta fish if i was reincarnated as a domestic animal. and also how i'd be the perfect candidate for a 17 again female version. find me a river to fall into. though i'd never have the need to come back to my old age again. and i'd like to enjoy being with kids that age. since i hate 17 year olds. and then i was like..."i'm being a high school teacher". i think i'd like to just observe them from a glass case.

so i think i've decided that chuck klosterman is the male version of myself. except i'm not into sex or drugs, although i love cocoa puffs. he has the same creepy fascination with serial killers that i do, we like john cusack and sugary cereal, we have basically the same religious beliefs and although he likes sports and i hate them, i can appreciate what he as to say about them. i know i'm about 6 years too late with this book, but it was good. i also enjoy that he wrote an entire chapter about the cultural importance of saved by the bell.

annnd in horrible personal news: i've already lost two pairs of headphones this school year. we've been in class for three weeks.
these are probably my two favorite people in the world right now:

yes, i am among the 200 viewers of this terribly written show. but then again i also watch secret life of the american teenager. so what does that say about me? anyway. ethan peck aka patrick verona is the perfect male. let me just say. and lindsay shaw aka kat stratford is the coolest female (on t.v at least) idk i'm lame for this. i think she makes a much better kat than julia stiles does, but who wouldn't be better than her? i'm just obsessed with him right now cause there is apparently no one better.

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