Thursday, September 10, 2009

i wish you would step out from that ledge my friend.

so today was long. i skipped class and walked downtown with some peeps. oh tim mcgraw and the black eyed peas were giving a free concert. so i went. and got separated cause marissa and i had subs but you're not allowed to eat them in the venue so we stood outside the gates making a mess. then we realized that three of the girls got VIP standing area and we got the shitty area. so whatev, right? wrong. we're standing there complaining about how hot it is and the next thing you know this lady is down. she's wearing a red tank top and checkered red and white capris. she's apparently 40 but she looked 60 and had a massive belly. so anyway...we're like "uhh". and then marissa goes over and tries to help cause she's and EMT and all. but the man doesn't want her help and tells her to go away because she has a pulse and she's breathing. so we wait like five minutes and a policeman comes over. stands there. stands there. calls someone on his cell phone. (why he didn't have a radio we'll never know) literally ten minutes later three more police officers come over and do nothing. then we're all like "ok, really?" and then a minute or two later a paramedic comes over with no supplies. so this lady is like in a coma and no one cares. she was in diabetic shock or something. idk. and so finally about 5 minutes later they bring a neck brace. and then slowly a stretcher. then they stand around and some more paramedics come over. then then slowly get her on the stretcher and strap her in and do all the finger monitor stuff. so all this time there is some random man. let me describe him:
fat. shaved blonde hair. hick beyond hick. jorts. striped south pole brown and white polo. he's an off-duty paramedic and does more work than anyone else. then he goes with the lady to make sure she's ok in the ambulance and everything.
he comes back like 15 minutes later and goes to his fat wife/girlfriend "she's dead. that lady died when she was 70 feet away from the ambulance. she went into cardiac arrest". ohmy. so if they didn't take so effing long to realize there was a dying woman laying on the ground she might be alive today.

this man needs his own blog though. ok so they were giving away free pepsi. he got 4 of them. the best part was that he used one to dump all over his head and my feet. he dumped a can of pepsi on his head. on his head. like you do with water when you're hot. to make matters worse, or should i say better, he liked country music. in this case, tim mcgraw. a lot. he liked to dance and make what looked like obscene gestures with his pepsi can but were just harmless dance moves...i hope. anway so his girlfriend was fatter than he was, sweating like a pig (i mean her hair looked like she got out of the shower) she was wearing one of those polyester shirts you buy at penny's and walmart, jeans and gasp...white sneakers. so anyway. he was standing behind her patting no, smacking, her ass. smacking it. and then rubbing it. and all the while turning around to try to serenade marissa and me. i've never wanted to tell someone to stop having fun but the "whooo i love this song" every time any song came on was getting on my nerves. then the tub got hot so they left.

and then the black eyed peas came on. fergie ferg is the coolest person ever. she was amazing is all i can say. "my humps" whoo. i love that song. so then when that was over we had to wait and then they came out again and sang two more songs for live tv and tim mcgraw came out and did the same. but for his last song they lifted up the barriers for the people that were in the second section (i.e us) to go to the VIP section cause they all left for the game and tim mcgraw sucks. so i never thought i'd die at a concert, much less one where tim mcgraw was singing. but i almost got stampeded. you'd think after like 6 years of going to concerts i'd realize that backpacks are no good. no i'll never learn.

i watched someone die today. idek.

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  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    thats crazzzzy about that woman...annnd i like how u just easily transition to the next thing after saying she died xD