Monday, September 21, 2009

it hurts to be this good.

so basically i'm jumpy right now.
so i have a test in modern middle east and we're waiting outside, you know, studying. and when everyone in the class walks in we do the normal sit down thing, some people get a test, talk about how we're going to fail and whatnot. some people from the class before are there too so there are like 40ish people milling around and i see these two kids walk over to the middle of the room pointing at something. so i look down and there is this girl in red sweatpants laying on the floor, convulsing, trying to catch her breath. so we all just stare and let her lay there. i think this one boy tried to help but just moving chairs out of the way and stuff. so this other boy is instructed to call 911 and he's like "there is a girl passed out, convulsing, it's really bad" and then a few seconds later my professor goes "tell them it's an emergency" so the boy goes "i don't know if you know this, but it's kinda an emergency" so i felt it would be bad to laugh right then. and the girl's teacher left which i thought was rude since she was the only one who knew anything about the girl on the floor. so some police come (why do police always come first when they don't know what to do) and they called for paramedics. and then we all went out in the hallway. ok so the best part is that some of us had the tests before we actually got to take it. oh i wasn't lucky enough to have one to look at. but i borrowed this kid's for like 30 seconds and my friend and i tried to find the answers but apparently knew none of them. so i'ts like 1:16 when we finally got to go back into the room and class is over at 1:50. somehow we got the test. i think i got like 300% on the essay cause i know a ton about Islam but the other stuff... well i left at least 10 blank. i knew nothing. and i wrote the same answer for at least 6 of them. so hopefully one of them is the right answer. even though with my luck today...that won't happen.

oh in other news. i'd say it takes at least 6 minutes to get to campus, then like 4 or 5 to get a parking space and get up to the 6th floor of my building. i left my apartment at about 9:45 today and class starts at 10. so i was freaking out since you all know i have to be in class at least 20 minutes early. anyway, i'm running out to my car and i see a note... i figured it was a pamphlet or something gay. oh no.
I GOT A FUCKING PARKING TICKET FOR PARKING ON MY OWN STREET!!! it didn't even say why. all it says is i have to pay 25 dollars. can we talk about this for a second. there are signs for street cleaning every 3rd monday but they're on the other side of the street. there aren't any signs on my side of the street. and i have to pay this shit today. like i can't do it in 24 hours, bitch. and i was late to class. i hate when that happens. just rollin' in 3 minute's late. ugh. please just shoot me someone.
and i have all of this other petty drama going on that doesn't even involve me but it sorta does. i'm not sure when we got so fucking exclusive, but we are. it really makes me wonder about some things. oh and to top it all off, my computer makes noises like a rain stick. and i had a dream i was eating a glass-filled hot dog the other night. what the hell does that mean? idek and i haven't slept in so long. i slept in til 9:15 today which was clearly a bad idea. i really just want to go home and lay on my really uncomfortable couch and watch lifetime and disney channel all day. and shop at jcpenny's and go to the library for no reason and marshalls and spend my mom's money that she doesn't have. i want to go to monterey's and the effing county fair and go to solomon's and walk around and take pictures. and i want my parents to go on vacation again without me. but that's also never going to happen again. :[ :[ :[

and for some reason, i'm in a good mood.

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