Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lately i'm not dreaming so what's the point in sleeping?

And my friend calls me up
She says, "how have you been?
"I say, "dear I've been well, Yeah the money's coming
But I miss you like hell.
I still hear you in this
Old piano, oh yeah."She says, "Andy, I know
That we don't talk as much
But I still hear your ghostIn these old punk rock clubs
Come on, write me a song
Give me something to trust
Just promise you won't let it be
Just the keys that you touch.
"Give me something to believe in,
A breath from the breathing
So write it down,I don't think that I'll close my eyes
'Cause lately I'm not dreaming So what's the point in sleeping?
It's just that at night,I've got nowhere to hide
So I write you a lullaby
A lullaby

so live that, learn it, love it.
pray for my family, if you're the praying type. ok?

i think something must be off in my life because i've been having the hardest time making bacon lately. like i can't do it. it doesn't crisp the way it used to. maybe today it was because the bacon expired on sept 6th, but the other times, what's my excuse? i like it supa crispy. like so cripsy that it breaks in half if you touch it. and i felt bad for the bacon today for some reason. i just watched it in the frying pan, dying. and it was screaming "stop burning us" but i was like, you can burn some more. i guess i lost my patience because it's burned, yeah, but not breaking in two.
i guess i'm home. and i'm going back to pittsburgh tomorrow. yeah. and in some selfish, morbid way, i'm happy. not happy, just relieved. i seriously and the worst person in the world. i want to go to the library and get Milk and that Religious movie or whatever. maybe Frost Nixon. I'm thinkin' today. i guess. but i forgot my slr so i guess it's not that big of a deal. but i just need to see myself some supertarget before i leave or i will hurt someone. i guess no county fair :[ lame...

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  1. prayer request to bacon dilemma?? nice. i will certainly pray for u tho!