Wednesday, September 9, 2009

you gave me roses but they're all just made of plastic.

i wish my heart was cold as the morning dew but it's as warm as saxaphones and honey in the sun for you. <3

well. life is. really hot. right now.
i'm starting to think that my regular body temperature is way above everyone else's. i'm always hot. like always. i'm wearing a spaghetti strap dress right now and everyone else is wearing sweats and sweat shirts and nonsense like that. and i'm sweating. like it's dripping off my forehead and down my back. i blame it on the mountainous geography of this shit hole i call school.
i tried to get my blood tested today but i didn't have enough time. bitches at mercy take way too long. they gave me a makeshift wrist band. the girl wrote my name on it. it looks like "crizlen" and you thought i had bad handwriting...
but yeah, i'm hot.
and i remembered my dream. the guy from shopaholic was in it. and he broke into my apartment (not the one i live in, but the dream apartment) and then i heard him outside my door at night while i was lying in bed and he just stood at the door with his ear pressed to it. and then i'm not sure what else happened but when i went out to my car in the morning the hood was up and the batter was cut. i'm not sure if you can cut a battery but some wires were cut and then for some reason this dream scared me a lot and i couldn't go back to sleep.

oh and people at this school are dumb. yuri gagarin. not gagreen. "kernel" not col-ol-nol. and you stupid idiot, why are you surprised the soviets were the first to have a man in space? you make no sense in your presentation. not like i'm good at history. but i feel like if you're presenting on something you should know about it. that's why i'm going to do mark chapman. just in case people didn't think i was creepy enough.

god. i'm still sweating. and the library is probably set at 64 degrees.

urrrgh. all i want is a nap but after my middle east class i have to get my blood tested at mercy and the go back to my apt get my library books then go chauffeur ash around. funn.

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