Wednesday, October 14, 2009

can i even complicate your breathing.

i feel like it would be best to stay out of my way this week.
i'm just gonna hold up on graduating. i mean, why not?
i still have a paper write, 3 keys to write, AND make about 80 flashcards and memorize them for my test tomorrow. now this might not sound like a lot and it's only 9 but i am not a night person and all i want to do is sleep. well possibly just watch Dexter. and i want tomorrow to be over. and then friday to be over so on saturday i can lay in my bed all day and watch the whole first season of dexter. i'm not even leaving the house until it's done. and i'm not going out. unless we go to kennywood. but i have no desire to do anything and laying around my apt sounds like such a good plan for the rest of my life.
and i also think that if you say you're going to do something, you should do it. just sayin'.
i hope you agree with me.
and i was also thinking while i was eating a sloppy joe on a hotdog bun tonight, that i really do miss certain people. like i miss all of my friends but like those random people that graced your life for a few months. and you'd talk about food. and they enjoyed hearing about your daily intake cause they liked you. in a good way. like an awesome friendship that you'll never get back but you want every day. because they genuinely liked you and didn't want anything more. where have all the good people gone. those are the ones i miss.

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