Thursday, October 29, 2009

i can smell your breath and it smells like money.

i keep meaning to write all of this stuff down i just literally don't have the time.
i'll tell the two people that haven't heard this story yet:
so i wrote a paper yesterday on one of the laptops in the library. i saved it to my email. i got home. i opened it. apparently the file was corrupted. so i worked my little Word magic. nothing happened. so i tried to open it on marissa's computer cause she has 07. no luck. so i frantically asked everyone i know for help. nothing worked. like i creeped people i've talked to once or haven't talked to in months. i was desperate as hell. so this kid i know that works at the library told me that they would go through all of the laptops in the morning. so i go to the library and tell them my situation. dyke bitch goes "we have 30 laptops" so i was like "ok, i really need to find this paper" and she goes "we can't let you becuase that would take too long and there are already like ten laptops checked out" i'm like "bitch, it's 8:30 in the morning. the library opened an hour ago there are not ten laptops checked out and i think that would be faster than rewriting a whole paper" so i almost cried in the middle of the library and just ran back to my car and rewrote the bitch.
it sounds so much less dramatic than it was.

i'm back in my i-don't-want-to-do-anything mood. i don't want to go out on halloween. i don't want to drink. i don't want to do homework. i'm over the whole i want to take a year off thing. i prob still will. but i want to be a counselor. i'm just going to schedule students and make them hate their lives. i'm pretty good at that.
apparently watching the history channel is a "guy thing".
am i male?
today in class jeff asked if i cut my hair. i said no.
then he goes "vardy got a haircut"
i didn't notice. i must be a man.
i'm starting to think that anything i'll ever want is unattainable.
i want to watch t.v but i can't get off the dang computer.

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