Tuesday, October 13, 2009

uncovering the ways to plan the next big attack.

so i like to post about my terrible days.
and it was a fairly nice day up until 4:30.
so i woke up, contemplated running, decided against it to sit on the computer. i then made a bacon sandwich that i burnt wayy too much, even for me so i had to throw it out. and becuase i left the bacon in the frying pan so i could go on the computer, it kept burning. and smoking up the kitchen so badly that i needed to open the back door and window. so i eat some rice instead. then i go to class. it was nice. i learned that st. petersburg was a man-made city (it was previously swamp land basically) and that peter the great dabbled in dentistry as well as surgery. he ended up killing a woman because he wasn't a very good surgeon. so then i went to the library in my favorite little nook so i could study for my test at 6. and then i looked at my phone at 4:30 and i was like "shiiiittt. i forgot to close the back door". this wouldn't be too bad in a normal community, but i live in the legit ghetto. and i get in the elevator and my friend was also in it when what do you know? the elevator stops for about 45 seconds. i wanted to cry. but thankfully i wasn't alone. so i had to drive back home in rush hour traffic so i could close the door. after all of that panic i was sort of hoping that someone broke into my apartment. but they didn't. so i'm guessing i shouldn't tell my roommates.
anyway. then we had the test. and nothing i studied was on it, naturally.
and i have chapter tonight. and for once i'm ok with going. normally i'm like "get me home" but it's whatever today.
i have another test on thursday in russian history. and i was supposed to get my test in my other russian history class back today but some boy missed the test so of course we couldn't get the test back. he claimed he emailed my professor about how his dad's heart stopped like ten minutes before class started. but my professor didn't get it. and he's the sweetest man in the world, so he gets everything. but i just really want to know how i did. i would also like it back because i feel like at least half of the terms are going to be exactly the same as my russian 400 class. but who knows. i'm getting so good at failing.
and i hate when people tell me a 76 is a good percent, cause hello, it's not.

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