Monday, November 9, 2009

face drop.

so i love how i'm writing this amidst 17 people printing papers. they must think i'm uber lame for blogging. but who doesn't?

ok i just had to share my dream last night:

it was about Anthony Burgess ( he wrote a clockwork orange). not like i've ever seen him in real life but it was him as a teenager. and he was sort of in the position of Nicholas II (having his entire family get assassinated by taking them into a house and shooting them) except somehow his entire family survived the shooting. and Anthony had to run away because some regime was trying to catch him. so his family was all ready to leave and they somehow managed to shove all of their belongings into a really small car. and at the last minute, Anthony said that he wasn't going to go and the rest of his family should still go into hiding. then someone showed up with a smaller blue car and Anthony's parents and sister left. Then I'm not sure if it was Anthony or a girl, but they were staying in a mall for awhile. and then there was some time when Anthony was living in the woods and then the people trying to kill him found him and was chasing him through a neighborhood and, being spiderman, anthony was able to climb trees with ease and get away from them. but of course i woke up before anything happened. idk why that was exciting. but nichoals II was in my dream.

i'm also obsessed with this song "backstabber" by kesha. you should download it.

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  1. totally thought you were telling his actual lifestory until spiderman came along...