Thursday, November 26, 2009

i want to be better than your heads only medicine.

so as you might know, ashleigh and i were left to fend for ourselves this thanksgiving. lauren is more important than us since she can't make it to pgh my parents decided to stay in md with her. oh and my uncle and grandma even betrayed us. but you we're going to my uncle red's house. so hopeully it's nice.
not like it matters because i have to wake up at 3 to get to work tomorrow MORNING. i've never worked a black friday in any of my jobs and now i have to. tisk tisk.

so ash and i just watched new moon.
i thought it was a comedy at first. i laughed at everything. i thought it was going to be ok until bella's birthday party when she got a paper cut. and jasper freaked out. that made me laugh. then after that it was all downhill until edward left. i liked his leaving scene :
bella: you can't leave.
ed: i have to. i can't hurt you anymore. *walks away depressingly*
bella: *runs and falls*

and once edward left i really got into it. i'm in love with jacob. i think team edward needs to take a hike. jake is wayyy hotter and at the end when ed took off his shirt i asked him to put it back on. and again i cracked myself up when jacob was trying to get bella to figure out what he was and i said "i know what you are...say it...a--a-- werewolf." because that was the best part of twilight. but when edward was gone i enjoyed it. i didn't laugh at everything that happened. i loved at the end when bella slow-motioned to edward. sometimes this movie.
but hey, taylor what's his name is gorgeous. so if i had to choose, i'd say i'm team jacob all the way. even though i see no point in having teams because we all know who wins in the end and i only got halfway through the 3rd book. so please, please, please don't spoil it for me because i think i might finish reading the books. maybe if someone could just go through and rip out the pages where edward is in i'd like them better...

and at work yesterday d.b. reincarnated walked in. and i followed for a good hour ( i mean i was putting clothes away and they just happened to be everywhere i was going).
and then i had to go around the entire store and open up all of the up stock. this means that i had to climb the ladder and lift up the flap at the top of the wall, get down from the ladder, unlock it and move it two feet and start the process all over again. around 40 times. and when we were closing i saw this girl going around closing them all.
but whatev.

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