Sunday, November 1, 2009

the only boy who ever gave me the time was the one who only wanted 5 minutes of mine.

i just need some music to listen to because nothing is helping me. it's hot as Memphis in my room but apparently cold in every other room.
i really hate looking up works of art. i mean the stories behind them are nice but the only piece of artwork i've ever thought was "amazing" was the birth of venus by Botticelli. everything else is just boring as hell and i don't understand why Michelangelo is so amazing. someone please tell me.
i was in a very good mood yesterday but that quickly fizzled out when i realized that
a. i was supposed to work today but i missed it. oops.
b. facebook is a bitch
c. i have a test tomorrow
d. i have a test on tuesday
e. i have to go to mass tonight for aphi.

so basically, you know.
everyone is annoying me right now. i'd like to just crawl into a hole. i'm hungry but not hungry.
when will this year be over?
i still haven't gotten my clearances or my loan so this is me not graduating this year.
i don't even have fun stories except that certain people make me really happy then depress me. excuse the holden-ness.
rupert grint was alex from a clockwork orange for halloween. we're mfeo. cause that's what i was going to be but it didn't work out and i felt no need to try to put a costume together when it wasn't going to be the best halloween ever.

don't you hate when you have no idea what you did to someone, but for some reason you drift apart? i just want everyone i ever had to be back in my life and never leave. let's not change, and you'll always love me, ok?
and i don't want to be stalked or creeped on. so stop. unless i love you, then it's fine. hahah. but that's only one person. gahhh. sorry about this. i'm so tired and i haven't slept a good nights sleep in foreverrrrr.
today was nice, until i realized it wasn't.
that was like a poem cause i already said it.

so now i'm just listening to fall out boy because they're the only people that make me really happy when school gets me annoyed.

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