Tuesday, November 3, 2009

sun is in the sky.

ok idk why i'm a bloggin machine lately but here it goes:

i really wish that i could just write a letter to certain people just to tell them how amazing they are. i'm not sure if you've ever felt like this before, but it's how i feel now. like to someone who doesn't get enough credit. that probably makes me sound creepy. but sometimes people do good things because they want to get closer to god, or because they want other people to like them or so they can put it on their resume. but then some people are the shit. they can handle everything and they're good at everything. they might not have the best personality but that doesn't even matter.
we just had the class caucus so i'm still on that rampage.

i have a wish. and i can't really say what it is for my protection but it involves being alone. why am i so a.s it's beyond me. ok what i want isn't even a.s. it's just sorta like some breathing room from your creepiness.
and i need to stop making shit up in my mind where i'm torn between two non-existent things.
my friend was over yesterday and i was sitting on my computer and she walked in and goes "did you say something" and i was like "no" and my music wasn't on or anything so we came to the conclusion that i was talking to myself. this worries me. but still i'm sane. and sometimes i think that i'm the sanest person i know.

but yeah. i just wanted to express my fondness for someone who will never read this blog.
and i think it's funny how i always like the outcasts. like i never root for the underdog or the hero. i just want the random ass person who gets no credit to have some glory. all of those stories are so overrated. which brings back my love for mr. caulfield.

and i'm also happy for no reason. well a slight reason. or four or five but nothing so exciting that i'd be in a good mood. scratch that. i'm not in a good mood and i'm not surprisingly happy i just am ________. idk if there's a word to describe it. maybe if i put a little more effort into vocabulary than i do complaining about how Sudan isn't a part of Sub-Sahara Africa and how we shouldn't have to know it for the test, then i'd be better off.
i would be.

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