Thursday, December 10, 2009

cause i got a pretty face. i guess that i can sing alright.

so listen to "the scene is dead" by cobra starship. i hear it at old navy every day and i would never have thought that it was cobra starship singing it. it's so good.

for some reason everything is working out for me lately. i'm saying this and tomorrow my life will fall apart. it's working out for me in the sense that two of my grades were changed just because my professor is amazing. so i went from a C to a B and a B to an A-. whoo. and three of my finals were cancelled. and i got an A on my paper. and i bitched at work so they gave me more hours. and i got out of a fine. i still have to pay my parking ticket and my debit card got stolen but it's all worked out. oh and i have a library fine so high that it could probably be put in the guiness book of world records but other than that. i'm like super happy. i feel like this good has to culminate somehow and something really good is going to happen and then i'll go back to bad.

but like, yeah. it's snowing and i hate it a lot. i know, i hate snow. but i mostly hate driving.
i'm so ready for finals to be over. i had one yesterday and i have one tomorrow and then on tuesday. i had to get up for work at 430 on tuesday and i still haven't caught up on sleep from that. and i spend just about every night at my grams and i haven't showered since before work on tuesday. and i've been wearing the same outfit since friday (except for when i had work). i'm a jem this week.

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