Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i'm a terrible person.

i really am.
and it's eating me up inside. most likely cause my psychotic manifestations are so much more dramatic than real life. i just like to think that other people don't feel anything, when i know they do. i shouldn't listen to other people, but this is not a perfect world and i'm very self-conscious. i'm also very selfish. i realized this, and it makes me feel bad. but sometimes i can't help i want what i want when i want it. but anyway, it's weird sitting here now. i wish i cared more too. i should be sentimental about this bottle i'm looking at, but i just want to throw it away. i guess i can stop complaining about it now, aren't you guys happy? well denise, i know you are.
loljk. i'm never going to stop. hahah

one thing that bothers me about owl city is in the song "fireflies" he says "i'm weird cause i hate goodbyes". please explain how that's weird.

and i work so much. sooooooo much. please kill me.

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