Sunday, January 31, 2010

do do and we're singing the bad song.

i can't even describe how much i miss the days of reading textbooks and waking up "early" for class. gone are those days and now they are replaced with waking up at 5, hating 90% of the people in my life and writing lesson plans that i'm too nervous to actually do.

i don't even know how to describe some things. but i'm in love. let me rephrase that... i'm back in my stalking days. i haven't done it in a while. but i was in high school today. i'm pretty sure that there is going to be one of those third party chorus' standing next to me singing that Gary Puckett song, "Young Girl". it made me happy regardless. i think it's so much nicer to stalk boys than to actually be friends with them or whatnot. especially the unattainable ones.

so i'm using my old computer right now so i can illegally download music and i don't want to download that on my new beautiful computer. i can't even describe to you my old computer. it never looked really old but now that i'm used to using this new one, my old one looks just about as high tech as the one we had in 1996.

wish me luck tomorrow. i'm actually teaching a lesson. i know.

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  1. I'm still reading textbooks and waking up early, don't miss this!!