Sunday, January 3, 2010

don't rain on my parade.

jammy e probably doesn't like this but it makes me laugh a lot.

aww jammy e talkin to cody.

idek. meeko is soo cute. sometimes i can't get over it.

this was my sad attempt to be artistic. i saw some one else take a picture of a bulb. i'm not that great, clearly.

i don't think you have to guess to know that this is my mom. it made me laugh though.

this is blurry and not that good but i just lovvve this cat. well i like meeko more, but still. i like the picture.

i was going to list all of the things i got for christmas, but i can't remember so here are a few:
  • new computer!
  • mattress pad
  • pillow
  • the sims 3
  • hair stuff
yeah those are the main things.
i forgot gregory at home so i'm not sure how i'm going to live. my mother doesn't seem too concerned about the fact that i'm a 4 year old girl and i need to sleep with something. she probably won't send him up. he needs to be overnighted though. i'm not sure what to do.
i just spend a lot of money on things i don't need and not on clothes that i do need for student teaching.

oh yeah, i start tomorrow. i wonder if i'm allowed to blog? maybe if no one finds it and sees that all i do is complain about how much i hate it.
get ready for that fools. it's going to be a LONG three and half months. :[ times 100.

in other news, i'm obsessed with "don't rain on my parade" from Glee. i can't stop listening to it. and hopefully it will help me out of my terrified stupor tomorrow.

tomorrow. i will be working off no sleep because i'm sans greg. i will be nervous. i have no idea where i'm going so i'll prob be late and get lost. i haven't talked to my teacher about where i'm supposed to meet her or what i'm supposed to be doing. i don't even know what grade i'm teaching. everyone on facebook is so excited about starting tomorrow and i think i'm the only one in the world who is scared out of their mind. but mostly i just don't want to do it. it's sort of like "eh" like everything else in my life right now. like i'm so impartial i can't even decided if i should do it. i mean, clearly i'm not referring to student teaching cause i have to do it. my life depends on it. literally.
i got a 3.4 this semester. i just thought you should know. i was so close to being on the deans list for my last semester. but this is my life so of course i won't be. good can't happen.
oh hey, i'm emo.

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