Wednesday, January 27, 2010

even fairytale characters would be jealous.

oh hey,
my name is kristen and i'm 15. i'm a sophomore in high school and i'm still not sure how to have a civilized conversation with someone. i get really jealous of people and therefore beat up on them. i guess you could say i'm a bully. i'm insecure and i hate my life and i get pleasure out of hurting other people and making them feel like a 3rd grader. i think i'm better than everybody and therefore i have the ability to tower over them. i'm basically the coolest person in the world, but some people don't realize this. i hate my life, yeah. i also hate you. omg. omg, i'm 15. let's go paint our frodo nails and have a sleepover so we can talk about how much we hate our lives and the people we know.

yeah, basically.
i'm mean.

anyway, i just had an epiphany that i want to open a bookstore like the one in Salisbury. that's really small and has billions of books stacked everywhere and falling off the shelves and they're all old and it smells so nice and i'd paint quotes all over the walls and stuff like that. i should have gotten a business degree cause i think that would be the best job in the world. maybe i'll do it on the side.

i'm too tired to deal with you. please stop texting me unless you're going to love me forever. i'm just saying, i have no patience to describe anything to you.

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  1. and who are u referring to?? i have/will have a business degree....hahah