Monday, January 25, 2010

no one on the corner has swagga like us.

well, celia asked where my blog about recruitment was...
here it is:

i have a bittersweet relationship with this week of my life. there are several things i hate about it. i feel like such a good person letting madelyn take my place...even if it was for selfish reasons because i don't want to talk to anyone. i hate my time being wasted at workshops and i hate wearing jeans and heels.
i do love how it gives me another outlet to complain. complaining just makes me really happy and i'm not sure why.
i have to say i'm so happy with our new pledge class. i almost cried last night knowing that this will be the last one. i never thought i'd be super sad about that. and during pref i couldn't stop crying. there is this song one of the girls sings and i can't even hear the opening notes without sobbing.
i also love watching the girls walk down the stairs. this might sound creepy but i feel so proud for some reason.

anyway here is my story that all of you know already:
so i worked on saturday night and it sucked horribly and i want to quit the nav asap. then i had to go back to campus to set up for preference until about 11:30. so i drive home and i park across the street from my apartment and i turn my car off and almost get out until i look up and i see a man in a black trench coat running down the sidewalk and up to my apartment. now i don't know everyone in my building so i thought i'd give it a second. and then he tried to open the door but it was locked (for once) and he just took off running again. then five seconds later a cop car drove by. so there was no way i was a. getting out of the car and b. sleeping in my apt so i just drove to my grams but i wanted to call uge so i didn't have to stand outside banging on the door for someone to let me in. he didn't answer so i called like 3 times. then i called alex twice and she didn't answer. then i called ashleigh for some reason and no answer. then i called uge some more. then jamie then uge. no answer. i started to feel like either my phone was off the hook or something. so then i called denise and woke her up just to make sure i was alive. and i woke her up...sorry. but she informed me i was alive. then i got to my grams and went to sleep.

then the best part is that i woke up around 7:40 am and drove to my apt and got there around 8:05. then madelyn finally texted me back and informed me we needed to be on campus at 8:30. somehow i managed to shower, dry my hair, do my make up, get dressed AND drive to school by 8:33. at 8:33 i was walking off the elevator. i wasn't sure this could be done, but i did it.

i have a lot of things to complain about and feel bad about but i'll attempt to blog about it later.

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