Tuesday, January 5, 2010

we think you're a joke.

this is how i feel today. just today.
(yes, like i threw a party and no one came...if that's what you were thinking)

i'm really not sure what's wrong with me. i've already drank half a liter of pepsi and i haven't flossed for like four days.
i have also come to the conclusion that nothing in my life ever works out how i want it to, but it always works out.
i'd really rather not have not have this crap work out this way. i wish i was blair waldorf. all of the drama in my life doesn't amount to 30 seconds of Gossip Girl. i love how much they play Santogold, it's amazing. i kind of wish that certain people would care if i acted like them. watching this show gives me ideas, again, not like it would matter. a lot of times i just put these ideas in my mind about things that are clearly not happening. ok, that makes me sound like a psycho... but you understand. i'm not sure. maybe i'm jealous of something i don't want. i think that is the problem. yesterday it was annoying, today i want to punch it. some days it's lovely and other days it's like it jumped in a mud bath. and today it's the latter. actually it's not even on the spectrum because it's been m.i.a. it always has to end like this. well not like it happens a lot, but you get the idea. i'm crazy possessive of things i don't even like. honestly, if you started liking a pickle more than me i'd get mad. are you ready for this again, guys?

on to slightly less depressing news:
student teaching is ok. i'm not sure if i should say this yet. i'm so glad i'm not in high school anymore. sometimes i liked it...nah, never really. i forgot how easy it was. i was grading papers today and kids did really badly. they couldn't even follow directions. and these directions were "identify the country and write the letter in the blank" or something of the like.
but the whole concept of high school is annoying. 7 hours of class. this school is so big i don't think you could walk it in under an hour. there is a small slave woman in the basement whose sole job it is to copy papers. no lie, you walk down two flights of stairs and down like 80 hallways and hand this woman a stack of papers and say "i need 35 of each" and she goes "i'll email you when they're ready". i wish i was kidding. i guess all of us at lhs that thought we were high class were wrong. there is also a woman whose life consists of keeping track of attendance. like she sits in a hole in the wall and does this. all day. i wonder if we have Promethean's at LHS yet. i don't even know what that is. i probably spelled that wrong. i think that those are the next generation of smartboards. i wouldn't know this because at duquesne a the technology of a smartboard is equivalent to landing on the moon in '69.

but who knows. i can't believe it was only day two. i had a two hour delay yesterday and today. i'm starting to get into this trend of only 30 minute classes. but alas, this will end and i will have to start doing something soon. i'd really like that day to never come. i keep thinking that this is just an observation and i will be leaving tomorrow for good. and i'll go back to happy land of classes.

i can't wait for my break from reality next year. hahahah
i just want to work a stupid minimum wage job and sub for the rest of my life. i'll live alone because only assholes like me and the ones that aren't are creepy. i do have all of my cats names picked out. i'm just going to name them after the children i'll never have.

i'm not sure if this was creepy enough for you, jamie. i'm just not in the creepy mood right now.

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  1. What are Prometheans? Do they have their hearts plucked out (figuratively) like in the Greek myth?