Wednesday, January 13, 2010

where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor.

you know you've had a bad day when the best thing to happen was the fact that Giant Eagle had egg rolls. not even homemade ones. prepackaged ones. and i don't even care. i'm totally eating all four egg rolls and i like it.

so i'll start at the beginning because i know how much you love these sad blogs.

i woke up too early and realized this too late.
i was ditched by my only two friends in the ed department so i had to eat lunch alone. this is between sitting through 6 hours of people giving powerpoints on child abuse and cyber bullying. i'm not sure what the rest of the presentations were on because i lost consciousness somewhere around 9:45. mike and i spent the next 5 hours writing notes on the powerpoint handouts about these people that were sitting near us and how amazing of a show Dexter is. that was not productive. then it was nice because i went to starbucks with lindsay, this girl i haven't seen in forever, except i forgot that starbucks and my stomach don't really sit well. and then when i left campus i realized that i got a parking ticket. and those things are like magnets to me (seeing as how i'm probably going to jail because i haven't paid the one from sept). then i was textually annoyed for a little while while i was crying on the phone to my mom about how i don't want to teach anymore and about how much i hate student teaching. i say this because clearly i had a bad day since i never cry, and i thought i'd make it a little more dramatic since my day doesn't seem too bad so far. anyway, i had to sit in traffic and it took me almost 45 minutes to get home (it normally takes about 10) and when i get home i realized i had no food. then i realized that i did my stupid reflection wrong and i'm going to have to redo it. and my co-op still hasn't emailed me feedback on the lesson plan that i spent like 4 hours doing last night until about 12:30 and i woke up at 6. then i got annoyed with texts some more. then i watched some gossip girl and i couldn't focus so i'm probably going to have to watch it again. then i was like "shit, i need those delicious egg rolls from Geagle" (geagle is a combination of Giant Eagle, which is our grocery store). and of course they didn't have a chinese food section in edgewood like they do in glenshaw by my grandmas. and i was like "oh, i need to get some pills". little to my knowledge i'm not on my parents insurance anymore. if this is fucking Obama's fault, he will die a slow, painful death. i need that shit to even out my temperament.

my mom seems to think this is all due to lack of sleep. who knows. it's a lot to take in to realize you don't want to teach anymore and the last four years of your life have been a complete waste. but i'm not even sure i don't want to teach after i take my year off. why is life so complicated. and not complicated in a good way.

and i wish that people would just stop being assholes. like maybe they're not really being an asshole, it's just that no one is being nice to me today. well people are, life isn't.

and that's my day. thanks for reading.

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  1. Unfortunately, people will probably not stop being jerks. I love the show Dexter, too. Don't let people get you down!