Tuesday, January 12, 2010

you've got a set of loose lips.

normally i would be going to bed in an hour (it's seven), but i have to go to chapter. it's a good thing i only have to get up at 6 tomorrow instead of 5. we have a stupid workshop tomorrow for student teaching, but i'm not going to complain since i hate ST a lot.
i do like the kids, though. i was so nervous they were all going to be so much smarter than me...i don't think that for 98% of them. i read their essay's and i had to grade them and i asked my co-op if this person should get a 2 and she was like "that's a 4". out of 4. it was terrible and they barely answered the question. when i become a teacher my students will hate me. this is an on grade level type of class, so like CM to us LHSers. i never would have turned in something like that. the essay for their test was 1. super easy and 2. they were able to take it home and do it. somehow about 15 kids didn't even do it. really? and they also got a open-note, take-home test and no one got a perfect score. like the best score was a 47 out of 50 and that's with like 6 points of extra credit.

high schoolers...
this one girl is a cutter, i witnessed a drug deal and a bible-fight. i thought this was supposed to be a really good school. i just can't believe how easy this school is. i'm not sure if it's my teacher or the entire school but they get like 2 months to make up tests. not homework assignments TESTS. how is this ok?
i think they all hate their lives and there is this girl that sits in the back row that looks like she is burning people with her eyes. it's terrifying.
we missed out on so much.

anyway again.
i can't walk into a store without scouring the baby section anymore. it's like some switch clicked in my mind and i'm so happy for marissa i can't even describe it.

i think it's the fact that i don't care about trying to plan my life against other people.
it's not like i can control anyone. i wish i could telepathically make them text me just so i could not text back, but these things don't happen.

i was also thinking about how you go your entire life thinking one thing and then one day you realize it's not right and you're stuck with absolutely nothing but a college degree and a scarred mind. i was going to elaborate, but i think you all know what i'm talking about.
and we'll have to see. i mean, i'm sure i'm going to change my mind because there are so many things i could do with my degree.

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