Wednesday, February 3, 2010


this is when i got home from my horrible day.
me during 7th period lunch when my teacher was like "look at us, working so hard during our lunch time"...i was playing spider solitaire.
i was bored during 5th period. i finished my powerpoint in like a half hour and had nothing to do.
and this was sometime around 1st period. tired as hell from staying up til 11 watching LOST.

ok. so manuel has someone.
this man on TLC with one leg has someone.
those creepy Siamese twins on a bike find someone to give a blow job to.

and no one likes me.
where are these people that love you for being creepy as hell?

this is my 699th blog.
hold up.
on april 27th it will be my 5 year anniversary.
april 27, 2005 was my first blog. do you remember me in 2005? i don't even want to think about it.
when this happens, i will be done with hell. and i will be in a land of bliss and freedom.

so last night i got distracted and left noodles boiling on the stove for over an hour.
that didn't turn out so well. it smelled like burnt noodles until i woke up this morning. revenge, i suppose.


  1. omg lol thats how people burn their houses down!! wow ahhaha. and those pictures make me laugh, mostly the expression ur making lol

  2. holy shit, like seriously. I am you + 5 years. or 4. dunno exactly how old you are.

    found your tumblr and I love your headline, the name of the site, peacocks, marie, and OMG can't wait for more. officially following.

    and cheer up, it fucking gets better. I sucked at 20-something.