Thursday, February 25, 2010

[71] days til summer

if you'd like to know what i really want right now, it's summer. what i really want is graduation (may 7th)
summer is my second least favorite season (after spring) but it's also my favorite. there isn't much responsibility and you have the opportunity to lay in the sun and get cancer. I'm not saying that's a good thing, getting cancer, but laying in the sun feels so much better than thinking about getting cancer.
there are several things i love about summer:
-no school
-running (i'm aware you can run at all times of the year, but sometimes it's nice when it's really hot out)
-going to the pool
-the smell of sun lotion
-minimum wage jobs
-movie marathons
-having no real responsibility
-no shoveling snow
-the sun is shining (most of the time)

i'm sure there are more and better things about summer, but those are just a few of my favorite things.

there are so many things that i should be working on right now, but i keep getting distracted. i've been reading all of the blogs of the people that follow me and other random people. i like the ones i follow now but i need some more blogs so i don't spend all of my time on tumblr.
anyway, i'm trying to learn about Matthew Perry so i can tell my kids about him tomorrow. and who ever said that all you need to do is stay one day ahead of your kids is wrong. i hate how i assume they're not paying attention and then i mess up and a piece of information doesn't make sense and then they ask me a question and i'm just like "you little bitch". i mean, you're in high school, you don't care so stop asking me questions.

in other news, i fear i'm getting sick. i've never had the "stomach flu" before, but i think i have it now. i can't get sick. i just want to get student teaching over with. we all know that i love it, but it'd be nice if it would end so i could graduate. i think i'm going to get a cat this summer.
a pure black cat and i can't decide if i'll name it Freud or Toby. most likely Freud, i think ashleigh will like that. and why wouldn't we want 4 cats in our house? we're already the crazy cat family, what's one more?

while you're at it, please watch this video. i can't get over how much i love this song. it honestly makes everything better. just sing it loudly and have a nice day

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  1. Your post brings up a question I ask myself all the time -is the sun actually bad for you cause everyone seems to be saying you need more of it hence the vitamin D. I just remember one day when I took a vitamin D pill I was sitting in the student lounge and the sun was shining in and I thought whoah I'm feeling way to good to be true.

    Vampire Weekend is the ultimate summer cottage band. Definately makes me miss the sun.