Sunday, February 21, 2010

but in the years that passed, you haven't grown an inch.

"you're ugly and your mom picks out your clothes". this quite possibly is my favorite quote ever. it clearly is the ultimate comeback.
in case you were wondering the origins of this little gem, here it is:
in 11th grade i had the best U.S history teacher in the world. i still aspire to be like him and if i ever find a man even half as perfect as mr. cockrell, i will marry him. anyway, you know that time before the bell rings where everyone is walking around and talking (except me)? well this girl gabby went up to him and was like "mr. cockrell, guess what?" and he said "you're ugly and your mom picks out your clothes". the best part was that she didn't hear him because she turned around and started talking to someone else. i always wonder if i'm the only one who ever heard it. but to this day, it remains the funniest moment of my life. i think you might have to know the teacher and the girl and heard his tone of voice and everything. but whenever i hate someone, that is what i say to them (in my head, of course)

tonight, i paralled my life to leon trotsky.
we used to be on the same side.
then split.
i have more general support but you have all the power.
and now my food is being exiled to the Siberia of the fridge.

thank you, entire semester of russian history last year.

in other news, i'm so proud of my cousin who just got done with boot camp. he's in the marines and it's so weird to see him so tall and skinny and with short hair.

and i'm sorry if all i do is complain, but that's just who i am. i'm perfectly fine, honestly. i just can't wait for may 7th.

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  1. we should compete to see who can complain more