Tuesday, February 9, 2010

casey can you remember?

ok so literally every other school in Allegheny county is closed. except mine. let's get on this. you know you're going to close, so just do it already.
i'm honestly going crazy sitting in the house all day. i have no idea how ashleigh does it. i consider myself a very lazy person but this is getting ridiculous. i want it to stop snowing or i wish that my grandma had a treadmill or something. anything. ANYTHING. alex and i watched pregnancy pact today. it was pretty good, not going to lie. it makes me really want a baby.
and to add to my craziness, i made a sims family with my new lover and me. so far we had one son, holden. it's so perfect. i made us look like we do in real life. and don't think i'm insane cause everyone has done it.

i'm watching the biggest loser right now. "look how fat that woman is" is what my uncle said. i need some ice cream.
my gram made pie, but i'm not a lemon meringue fan, so i didn't eat much. i had some butterfinger ice cream earlier today, half a box of crackers, two of those coffee doughnut things, some chinese food from a box and two helpings at dinner. i'm pretty fat right now.

i'm also glad that i was smart enough to lock text messages so whenever i get like "ahhh :[" i just read them and am like "ahh ok" yet still slightly :[
save me, please.
i don't even remember what it's like to be in school.

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