Wednesday, February 10, 2010

d i n o s a you are a dinosaur

ok number one
i'm dressed:
sadly, this is an accomplishment. and the worst part about it is the fact that i'm only half dressed. i'm still sporting leggings. i keep meaning to go outside but it's snowing like the world's ending and i'm too scared to drive/too lazy to clean my car off. i would go out in leggings like this, but i won't put other people's eyes at risk.
this is my grams house. a change of scenery, you know?

this is ofically day number 3 of no school. i'm starting to go stir crazy like my sim. my sim, who is me, goes stir crazy becuase she is holed up in her pre-fab house with Holden.

and i desperatly need some new music to listen to. i have nothing. i keep meaning to paint my nails. maybe i'll do that now.

i've also realized that i'm the most jealous person ever. but i only get jealous of weird things. like, why are you becoming the new me? why are you now friends with the people i was friends with? why are they writing on your wall? why do i care about this when nothing is actually happening?
i'm not jealous of the normal things though, nope. it's the whole new people thing. i hate new people.

and sitting home alone for the past 3 days is making all of this more clear. clearer? i'm not sure but i just want someone in my life who will completely agree with me. i'm aware i'm crazy and the things i say don't make sense. but i hate when you ask for someones opinion and they try to give you advice. no one really cares about your advice. i'm guilty of this, i know, but i just want someone to be like "you're making total sense...what an asshole...i know why you'd feel that way". i'm just saying that i'm lame and it's not good to have over 72 hours with no purpose in life because you WILL start thinking about random things.

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