Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what grade level are you student teaching in? (sry if you have already answered this question in a post!)

11th grade. i'm doing world cultures and right now i'm teaching kids that could care less about China.

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  1. Katie5:02 PM

    Ohh ok! World cultures sounds cool. I did my student teaching in 2nd grade. The lessons plans took forever to write! And getting observed was always interesting... my supervisor made me journal EVERYTHING I did during the school day! That took forever too... anyways, yea... I thought that teacher clothes were so cute and now I kinda HATE getting dressed in the morning. SO sick of sweaters and button down shirts lol. I would teach better in a hoodie!

    So do you want to eventually teach high school? Did you major in world culture or education?

  2. i do like the fact that i'm teaching world cultures...but i still hate the teaching part of teaching. it'd be nicer to just talk to the kids aka why i'm going to be a guidance counselor eventually. i'm so behind and it's sad that i don't care and i never have anything ready. like i got observed today and i was missing stuff and i'm probably going to fail student teaching...who knows.

  3. oh i also don't like the clothes because i don't have any so i basically wear the same thing everyday and the kids probably talk about it behind my back. and i'm not very good at writing lesson plans. my cooperating teacher always changes almost every aspect about them.