Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i could easily stay and never come home.

so i'm back in the gumberg and it makes me so happy. brings back so many good memories of writing papers and doing research cause my computer sucked so much and shut off every five minutes. yeah, i miss this. i'm also not sure if i'm sitting in on a class or not. there is a teacher up front.
i was going to go all emo on you and post a brand new song, but i decided to go with a positive song "up up and away" by the wonderful kid cudi-
"higher learn, Ive seen the dreams ive made so I'm cooler now I could take care of my mom and my little niece Zuri sosing along lil' mama you aint gotta worry bout no drama no i'll provide for friends and fam and fans cleveland city grinder man stay afloat the key is hope I never let a motherfucka break me dogg who gives a fuck if a nigga don't like your styles tell em to buzz off your n-u-tz we don't care what people say dudes who critique clothes are most gayI aint gotta wait for no oneIf i wanna fly i could fly for freedom. Hey!"
anyway, i should be working on the PowerPoint that i need to give tomorrow, but i honestly don't care - clearly. i had a sub today, yet again, and she was the coolest person on planet earth. i aspire to be her, and i will be in three years minus the husband and the cute little house...and i'm not buying a jeep. she's exactly like me, but a little less pessimistic. being less pessimistic than me is difficult though, so i have to giver her props for trying. students would walk in and be like "omg you guys are twins" i wanted to say "don't insult the poor girl" because i guess we looked alike.
i just thought i'd tell you about my extremely awkward week.
it's only tuesday, i know.
to start off, yesterday i literally ran after my lover. like i was winded when i caught up to him and then preceded to walk behind him onto the elevator and then pat him on the arm when he didn't notice me. and then awkwardly make conversation. i'm so creepy it's insane. i just like the fact that i don't have to worry about him ever liking me since he's 7 years older than me.
secondly, i'm driving a winker. a winker is a car that only has one headlight. i know it's not called that, but i like to think of it as a winker. and only i would find this awkward but i feel so lame with one headlight.
and last but not least to add to my week, someone stole my groceries. yeah, like i was at self check-out and i put them on the conveyor belt and paid then when i walked down to get my groceries only a green pepper was in the bag. i bought a green pepper, noodles and pasta sauce so clearly i started freaking out. luckily there was a bagger in the next lane and i was looking all over the floor and he was like"what's wrong" and i was like "i can't find my food" and then he looked at my reciept and called some higher up bagger over and this guy told me to just go get new food. so i did and i felt like i was stealing by picking stuff up off the shelf and putting it in my bag.
honestly. i'd like it to be may 7th. having that sub there made me want to be done with school more than ever.
when i was pumping gas i had this epiphany that i'd give up being negative for lent and then i realized i wouldn't be able to function.


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  3. i cant stop laughing. literally.

  4. just let him know you like him...

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