Friday, February 19, 2010

i see it in your eyes.

ok this is probably going to be a really weird connection:


what? they're pretty dissimilar types of music but i feel like both bands lyrics make no sense. possibly why i've been in love with fall out boy since 9th grad and i started on the vampire weekend train in the middle of last year. i honestly never wanted to give vampire weekend a try because daniel radcliffe liked them and so therefore they were lame. then, during my music collection phase, i got the cd from the library and loved every minute of Vampire Weekend, especially "oxford comma" because without that song i would have no idea what an oxford comma was and i would spend my entire life going on without knowing what that random comma was that you didn't need to put before the third "and" in a series of items was all about. anyway.

fall out boy:
"I'm sending your fingernails and empty bottles you've sipped"

vampire weekend:
"where skinheads used to fight your tokaguawa smile and your garbage smile"

i'm probably the only one that sees the connection.
but i might be exactly a month late cause i got the cd on the 17th of feb and Contra came out on Jan 17th, but i still love it. "giving up the gun" is my favorite song and i watched the video and it's awesome. joe jonas and jake gyllenhal are both in it. pretty sweet.
in the end, that comparison probably makes no sense, but when you read some of the lyrics, you question yourself.

i'm slightly upset i'm not working AT ALL this week. i think i lost my last two paychecks...not a good thing. :[

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