Monday, February 15, 2010

i'll be up, up and away.

so i've been at my grandma's since monday. i don't think my roommates would have noticed if i died. that makes me feel comfortable.
we have a two hour delay today for some reason. it's not snowing, the roads are clear and, i mean, it's 8 degrees outside so i'm going to assume that's why.

that whole week was so boring, but now i miss it so much. the thought of teaching today makes me want to die. no, not really. i think today will be fun. i can't believe it is already the middle of February.when did that happen? at least we got a whole week off of bus duty...but now i'm going to have to stay later than april 16th, so that day that i held so high is gone :[

i worked all weekend and clearly i didn't do anything, because i am a complete recluse now. if you were wondering, which i know you weren't cause you know the answer, nothing happened yesterday. i can't tell you some cute story that happened on valentines day. a lot of people were really bitter yesterday. i don't really see the point in getting upset, it's just valentines day. if it's christmas or thanksgiving and you're alone, then sure, get upset. but i mean, it's not like you're ever with anyone on a normal basis. who knows, people are so annoying but it's no reason to take it out on other people.

and my stomach hurts. ugh


  1. You have a stange sense of humor.I mean that in a good way.

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