Wednesday, February 17, 2010

things i like pt II

this awesome turtle clip/bobby pin thing ashleigh bought me.

close up version.
tights as pants. i'm a fan, i can't lie. who ever says that sweatpants are just as comfortable as leggings is crazy. leggings are the most comfortable things in the world. and as long as they're not extremely tight or you're not wearing them to your grandmas funeral, they're ok. oh and if you have a shirt that covers your butt. other than that they're usually acceptable. except i doubt i could wear them to student teach.

sweet potatoes
sweet potato fries
making people's lives hell
chapstick- original kind
having my feet frozen off in the snow (that's sarcasm)
giving people advice because i'm so knowledgable.
listening to people give me life advice.
blogging daily. :]

and i got a cause i have no life and i think people want to talk to me when they don't.
ask a question:

(yeah 777)

oh and i'm getting observed tomorrow :[ the sad thing is it's 6 and i haven't even started to prepare my lesson/my observation forms. and i'm going to bed at 8 since tomorrow won't be a two hour delay. it's going to be my first full day back in like 9 days. holy crap, you know? we had all last week off and then friday was 2 hr delay and then the past 3 days were 2 hr delays. i don't even remember what it's like to sit through hell for 7 hours.

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