Sunday, February 7, 2010

you're ugly and your mom picks out your clothes.

it's my 700th post.
can we talk about this for a second.

but thanks for making this possible. i'm sure i would have done it anyway, but it makes me happy when people tell me they read/read my blog. i have no life but i love writing about it and for some reason you guys read it.
so thanks. i really mean it.
i thought i'd just take a second to thank all of my loyal readers who have been with me from the start:

i cringe when i look at this. and all pictures basically.

minus ashleigh. i was to lazy to crop her out.

and the ones who started later (in no particular order and sorry if i forgot you):

notice my vanity...
and thanks to the ones i don't know (or never told me they read my blog) you mean a lot to me. and i wouldn't have made it 5 years without you.

i won't spoil this post with what is annoying me right now. i'll save that for 701.


  1. awww..i'm so proud. the big 7-0-0. so much has changed..and yet not so much too. still stalking, still complaining..just about different things. i'll still be reading for 1400! :)

    ps-the kid who picks the corn out of the chili. i have nothing to say about him..just wanted to say it. the end.

  2. omg really? WHY DID U DO THAT TO ME!?