Tuesday, March 9, 2010

but now it's over.

I don't really know how to describe my feelings about saturday ( i forgot to bitch about some things). but i hate when people look down on you for doing something when they're doing something that's equally as bad. like honestly, my snafu was technically a lost less worse than yours since my snafu wasn't doing illegal things. i just really can't stand when people try to make me jealous. i wish that people would keep their conversations to themselves as well. i don't want to know what you're doing and who you're doing it with. i have no idea why i hate certain people, but when you refer to yourself as a character from a teen movie (even if it is the second best one ever), i have to downgrade my opinion of you. also, let's stop bragging about something when i'm better than you. i'm honestly never better than anyone at things, but i beat a lot of people at one thing. i swear that's why this bitch hates me...i really have nothing to be jealous of, but i hate when people hate me because i feel like it's really hard to hate me. possibly not like me, but hate? i'm not sure. maybe she's not seeing this as a snafu.

it's also clear that i have very bad luck when it comes to boys, but at least i think i can get out of bad situations early enough. but some people...this one person i know in the past 3 months has had someone cheat on them and now they're "dating" someone who is dating someone. i feel like the cycle will never end.

i also need to stop listening to other people. i'd still be in the place i'm in but maybe i'd feel better about the decisions i've made if i knew that they were solely based on my own thoughts. i really hate when people tell you not to do something and they are friends with the very person who i was talking about in the first paragraph. sometimes i wish i felt worse about things. but i don't and now i'm having problems getting over things. i hate my life. urgh.

anyway, i really need to get to campus for chapter but i have to shower since i attempted to run but i have to wait for the guy who is showing my apartment to come. he was supposed to come between 6-630 but it's 628 right now. so if they come when i'm in the shower, they can awkwardly deal. i'm so ready to move out i think i'll offer them a room right now.

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