Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hey ma. what's up?

there is honestly nothing better in the world than reading your old blogs.
i would not be sane without you,
this is a blog i wrote exactly one year ago on my super histrionic blog:
sometimes i worry that i'm crazy. but then i realize i'm not.

i like the one that comes before that. oh st. patrick's day 2009. how you were a terrible day. that was when i was stuck in my 5 month obsession period that picked up again for december, then the next march. then june 2009. and thank god is gone. every single blog. that's why you all thought i was crazy in 09.
yes, i was.
but really. i was slightly in love with hating my life, if you couldn't tell.
i always am.
i sort of like the fact that i know i was being retarded. i hope other people see their mistakes...

i got criticized today for not being confident enough. when did being humble ever hurt anyone? i'm sorry i get emotional when you shoot these low blows to my already fragile ego.

it's almost Easter "break" aka Good Friday.
i told my supervisor today that i was "almost done" and he told me this was just the appetizer. awesome.

so i think that i need to come up with a more original name for my blog.
something along the lines of "keep calm and _______"
but i'm not creative at all according to my lesson today.


  1. aahahhah thats awesome. we are so alike in our pessimistic attitudes towards life, u know? and ur blog can be called "keep calm and THEN FREAK THE FUCK OUT!" ahahaah

  2. i got criticized today for not being confident enough. when did being humble ever hurt anyone?

    "Humble" and "confident" are not opposites, friend. Just take your work more seriously and yourself less seriously, and things will click into place in due time.

  3. hi next blog neighbor.
    i was trying to figure out why google moved me next to you and i think it is because of our disdain for capitalst letters. good job.

    also, for a blog name, how about, "keep calm but sweat rivers". i know, you can thank me another time.

    and by the way, where did you get that cool wardrobe to the parallel universe thingy? i need me one and i need it like yesterday.

  4. Anonymous4:39 AM

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    The circ rates are now about 50/50 so no need to worry about the "odd man out" locker room syndrome anymore.
    Just please research it. Baby girls are protected against genital mutilation here in the US, shouldn't boys be too?