Wednesday, March 24, 2010

honestly i have been begging for answers.

life would be so much easier if people weren't so weird.
and stupid.
and lame.

is this real? are you kidding me? honestly??!!???!!
not that i'm not, but sometimes things happen and you're just like "*&EHAKIJD*E(#)*##)*"
you know. i know you know. like why don't you understand me? i don't think i'm that complicated of a person.

i also hate reruns. i'm trying to watch Modern Family but it's old.

i also think i might miss student teaching.
don't judge me.
i don't think i'll miss the teaching part, but i love my kids. this one kid keeps telling me he's going to cry when i leave. i know they're just playing around, but the kids at that school are so nice. like i'm legit biffs with some of them. a lot of them i don't like, but for the most part, they're hilarious and i laugh basically the whole time. i think i'd be a good sub. we'll have to see. i just can't believe i'm almost done.
marissa is supposed to have her baby in 4 days.
i graduate on may 7th.

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