Thursday, March 25, 2010

how much longer can this drama afford to run?

this is legit what happens now when i open up my internet. i have a Roonil Wazlib (that never gets old) themed background. i love Firefox.

but anyway, some people never cease to amaze you.
and i think i'm going to miss some of my students, i really do.
i'm totally just giving them busy work tomorrow since i hate teaching. one of my students caught on to that today... he was like "you just have us give presentations so you never have to teach". can't hide anything from these kids.

i like them a lot better than the people my age.
but i've always been that way. every time i go on campus i'm like "man i miss this. i miss having to play leapfrog around the puddles on A-Walk. i miss the printers in the library jamming every time you want to print something. i miss library fines. i miss everyone being obsessed with Starbucks except me. i miss knowing what's going on." then i hear some of the things coming out of these slutty whore's mouth's and i'm brought back to reality.

do you remember Lit Bitch? i have no idea what happened to that bitch. i bet her hair is still poof tastic and she's still a bitch who likes literature. in some ways, i miss lit bitch and her constant tye-dye shirts and sweat pants and her obsession with this drug addict who would never like her cause she's a poufy hair bitch who thinks that because she chose to read "Metamorphosis" for her project, she's intellectual. we all realize the basis behind that story. bitch, i did "Everything that Rises Must Converge" <3 love that story. why do i remember this bitch? she sat next to me in our Lit something or other class freshman year and we had to peer review papers and she got mine (i think she thought we'd be friends or something because she sat right next to me in both the classes we had together...) and raised her hand and was like "who is (my name)? this paper makes no sense, i can't even read it" and this was like the first week of school and my professor didn't know my name (i don't think he ever did-screw you, bruce) and he tried reading it and was like "deal with it". i ended up getting a D on that paper but we got to rewrite it and i still got a C. then on our next paper i got an A+ and stupid lit bitch only got a B so i made sure to put that on the corner of my desk right next to lit bitch so i could gloat.

i remember that time when i was walking with Lisa (and this was before duq decided to spring for a sidewalk down a grassy hill) and it was raining and this girl was walking down the grassy mud-covered hill and she fell and slid down the hill like 5 feet. but it gets even better, when she got up she fell back down. and then when we were walking back to towers we saw this guy with a gigantic mud line down the side of his pants. i honestly think that was one of my favorite moments at school.

i think one of my favorite things in the world is getting a picture message cause you never know who it's from while you're getting it.

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  1. i totally agree with the last thing