Sunday, March 28, 2010

i need you so much closer.

there are so many quotes that i want to type up from my students essays but i can't do it.
it's too mean.
i only have 17 days left.
seventeen days left.
i'm having my last observation on wednesday and then i'm done.
sort of, but not even close.
a lot of my kids want to have a party on my last day... ok guys.

one of the teachers after school on Wednesday said that one of her students, when asked who Muhammed Ali was, said "the guy who freed the slaves".
so i guess being asked what an atlas is isn't too bad.

but i really do like my students. i honestly like every single one of them.

and it's almost Easter. i finally get to see my family. it's odd i'm saying this, i know, but it's weird not seeing them for 3 months at a time.

and some things i hate about working in the fitting room:

1. we have to write the name of the person who is trying on clothes on the door and then they proceed to tell me how to spell their name. a.) i could care less how to spell your name and b.) it doesn't really matter if i spell it wrong. today this lady said "Julie...J-U-L-I-E" i've never seen it spelled any other way, Julie.

2. people start taking off their clothes before i even close the door. first off, i shouldn't be closing the door for you, i'm not the butler. secondly, i have no desire to see you sans coat. can you not wait 5 more seconds before you start de-robing?

3. people creep me out when they say my name. i give my speech and they're like "thank you, kristen".

4. when people ask where the fitting rooms are...really? there are two gigantic signs that say "Fitting Rooms" on them with arrows pointing to the fitting room.

5. why do people go into the fitting room together? i understand a mom/dad and their kids...but a mom and her 22 year old daughter? trying on swimsuits? why? whenever this happens, i put them in the single fitting rooms so it's hard for them to move. usually where there is a parent and young kids, i give them the big room.

that was my day. i'm grading essays right now and typing them up and tomorrow we're basically going to make fun of the bad ones. no, i'm getting them ready for the PSSA's because after reading these essays, they need it. oh, and i don't really want to teach Africa tomorrow.

don't you love those people who, the more you talk to them, the more you realize that you're perfect for each other. the only problem is that, even though this is not the 1950's, you still act like it is. i'm totally kidding. i really am.


  1. lol that was

  2. How long have you been teaching them? LOL