Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i treat you like a princess, but your life is just one big mess.

you don't care you're too busy dancing the night away.

i'm not even sure what made me so mad today.
oh i know exactly what it was.
i'm really tired of dealing with certain people.
i just can't think of anything except graduating.
teaching doesn't even exist anymore.
like i'm there, i'm done.
i'm so focused on 23 days.
23 days.
22 days now.
22 days.

i had quiznos today and i saw the love of my life looking dashing in a suit.
yeah, i'm creepy.
but so is life.
i have chapter tonight that i'm sort of looking forward to but i'd much rather be watching LOST. but i'd usually rather watch LOST than do almost anything.
i really need to focus because while i know a lot about Russia, i don't know enough to teach it tomorrow. and i still have to grade all the tests.

god, i used to think i was the psycho one. but i'm not and that feels so good knowing i'm the sane one. i really wish i was one of those people that could just tell everyone what's wrong, but i think that takes away from the excitement of it all (for me, at least).

i just miss certain people so much (jamie, laura, denise, eric, vince, my family)
i miss being home too. everyone is so stressed out about finding jobs. my one friend basically has a job lined up and the thought that someone i'm friends with is going to be teaching and have a real job next fall is terrifying. like he's my age. i feel like i'm the only one having these feelings. i'm the only one besides eric out of my maryland friends who are graduating this may and idk, it's weird. well, hopefully i graduate. we have to have this "exit interview" where we talk in front of a pannel of judges AND peers. how is this going to help me? i can't talk in front of people.
god, yeah i'm student teaching right now, but it think that's different.
someone please, please get me a time machine and send me to may 7th.

other than that little horribleness, today has been pretty good. sorry if it doesn't seem that way.


  1. i feel the same way k. and thanks for the shoutout, i miss u too, plus i'm so honored to be the first person u mentioned hehe. oh yea and consider yourself smarter than the rest of us if u actually graduate on time. dont rub it in that im a fuck up! lol errr

  2. i know im late and all on this post...but im graduating in may too!!! and i have recently been frantically searching for places to apply and sometimes i just get overwhelmed and just give myself headaches because i have nothing going on for me right now.