Monday, March 22, 2010

satan is my motor.

hahah laura, it probably offended you that i said you're team edward. it would offend me. sorry lol.
i can't believe marissa is supposed to have her baby in 6 days. i think it's going to be late...but i just can't believe it's a.)almost easter and b.) almost time for alaina to be in my life.
where is time going?
honestly i don't care i just want summer.
jamie texted me today and asked where it was or she was saying how she couldn't wait for it. touche, me either.

i'm growing my nails out, you'd be so proud of me.

i also bought a crap load of fruit since this whole giving up sugar for lent thing isn't helping me lose weight. i don't think i lost 5 pounds. urghh. i only cheated once too. honestly. but i don't think fruit really helps you lose weight but i need to get some vitamins into my system cause i'm so tired all the time and these iron pills i'm taking aren't helping. this one girl thinks she has anemia because she's tired all the time. i'm just chalking it up to working hard. i bet every student teacher is tired as hell. none of us have ever worked this hard in our lives, but we're dealing. sort of...i complain a lot, but it's my way of dealing with things.

my brand new laptop is messing up already. in order to push the "q" button, sometimes you need the strength of a man to push it. and my clicker arrow has a mind of its own. do i have a virus? this is my life, i'm sure i do.

my co-op told me i did a good job today. i suppose we've gone past the period where she constructivly critizes me and just pretends that i did a good job cause i'm not getting any better. one of my students made me a sickle and hammer out of paperclips. it was odd and i'm glad he was paying attention to me when i was talking about the communists. i'm giving them a take home essay test, so when they fail it's out of their own stupidity cause they can use their notes and the book. last time i gave them a test...well, let's just say most of them failed.

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