Thursday, March 11, 2010

sleep all day.

so my apartment was shown today and i didn't clean my room...oops.
i'm getting observed tomorrow.
30 some odd days left. it might go faster if i don't have a specific count down...what do you think? i'm hoping. i can't really have a count down since i'm so far behind in my hours i'll be there until may 6th. sometimes i just imagine it being over and i'm sitting on the beach reading a book because i haven't had time to read since i started this whole ordeal.
i had a sub today. having subs always makes me enjoy my life a little bit more because i see my future. i enjoy talking to them about life and how much i hate teaching. they usually understand my pain and pretend to care. the one today told me about her college career and this one time at formal... i love older people cause you can talk straight with them and i can complain about how much i hate people that go out and drink and do gross things and they'll agree with me. we can be baffled together by the appeal of Jersey Shore and the need for people to say "that's what she said".
i've also decided what i want to do with the rest of my life-instead of teaching. i'm not exactly sure what direction down this road i'm going to i'll save that for the next two or three years when i'm attempting to start my life. god, i can't wait.

i wish i could just lay in bed all day and watch re-runs of Say Yes to the Dress and The O.C.
i'm not sure what my new obsession with Say Yes to the Dress is because if i get married, i don't want a wedding and i'll probably just get a dress from target or something. and do i really need to explain my desire to lay in bed and watch The O.C? i didn't think so.



  2. i wish i could lay in bed all day as well.

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  4. Oh I LOVE the O.C in fact im watching it now. lol.
    How do i follow your dont have a button. =]