Sunday, March 14, 2010

there could be nothing better.

sometimes i sincerely hate people and other times i can't contain my joy about how happy they make me.
i was flabbergasted last night. i didn't think i'd ever need to use that word in a sentence but i felt like it was the only appropriate one. i honestly never thought i'd be so mad at a human being before. i don't really want to go in to details, but someone needs to apologize and super fast. i highly doubt that's going to happen, but i'm just trying to chalk it up to experience and i'm moving on and i'm going to focus on the adorable things my students tell me instead of things that mentally retarded people say to me.

ok, now i'll tell you about how much people make me happy.
1st off, there was a lot of scuffling on Saturday afternoon and my uncle drove me all around the North side of Pittsburgh without complaining. then today he took alex and i to Panera (i've been to Panera 4 times this week.) Basically, everyone in my family is way too nice.
then on Friday we had a fire drill and one of the subs i had in the beginning of January was talking to me. somehow she remembered that i didn't want to teach and i was going to be a guidance counselor and all of that jazz. i just thought that was nice.
and then probably one of my top 3 favorite moments in my life actually happened at school. i got observed on friday and before my supervisor came in, one of my students came up to me and said "are you getting observed today" and i said "yeah" and kind of made a face so he says "are you nervous? don't be, you're such a great teacher you have nothing to worry about". one of my other students told me i did a great job and that the old guy seemed to like me, but i didn't like that as much cause i doubt he meant it. i'm sure this happens all the time to teachers and stuff, but when you really suck and someone tells you that you don't and they probably mean it in some way, it makes you really happy.

and in bad news, i think i have the worlds biggest cavity or something. every time i try to eat on the right side of my mouth, it's a production cause it hurts so much. i broke a tooth over there about two years ago and i got it "fixed" but then it broke again and i haven't gotten it fixed and i feel like stuff has just gotten inside and you know.

and a lot of times i feel like taking a keyboard to so many people's faces like the guy did in Wanted. but then i'm going to just think about the nice things that these cute kids say to me, and hopefully that will fix everything...


  1. Just wanted to say I'm sorry for all the rough stuff that happened. I just happened to hit up your blog and I was like, man, that is a bummer. But it's good to see you have a positive outlook on things. I will be praying for you and I hope you can find peace even in the things that frustrate you.

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