Monday, March 29, 2010

i can't believe we're doing this

there is just something about being home during the day that i love more than anything. i love it almost as much as my mom buying me clothes and driving when it's like 60 degrees out at night with the windows down and the heat on. my favorite feeling-no one understands- is when it's like 11 at night and you're really tired and you're at the grocery store and all you want to do is sleep. i like when you walk out of the store and walk across the parking lot to your car. i always get such an odd chill. just that feeling.

why these are my favorite feelings, i don't know. but i'm home sick right now. of course i feel better now but i went into school today and all of the sudden it felt like it was 300 degrees in that classroom but my teacher was cold and so were all of the kids. she felt my head and said i was hot. so now i'm home. i'm about to sleep until 8 tonight. i'm not even tired i just feel really tingly.

and ramon, i just read your comment- sorry i forgot about you graduating too. it's still so weird.
people keep asking me what i'm going to do next year.
i told denise that i was going to be a gypsy.
i'll live at home, i'll live at my grandmas, i'll live at my aunts, lauren's, denise's new house. where ever i end up. that's my plan at least. i guess that's the bonus of being a sub, you can go almost anywhere. excellent.
maybe i'll stay with jamie for a while. who knows.
i'll be like a tumbleweed.
hopefully i never settle down.

and because i know that you want to know, the songs i've been listening to this weekend:
"Save Your Scissors"- City and Colour (i'm sure this song is really old but it came on my Pandora and one of my friends told me to listen to them. it's a great song)
"The Best of You and Me" -Number One Gun (also probably really old, but it came on my Pandora and i love it so i bought it)
"Ring of Fire"- Johnny Cash (came on my shuffle and i decided to bring back 2006)
"You Belong with Me"- Taylor Swift (no explanation needed if you read my blog)

nobody said it was easy. it's such a shame for us to part

i think i've decided what i want to do with my life. i'm going to find myself the best editor in the business and i'm going to sit around and write about people. like make judgments on them. i'll psychoanalyze everyone i know (without using names, of course). so screw teaching, being a crossing guard, funeral director, guidance counselor and whatever else i wanted to be.
or be a part of a think tank. i'm not sure what it is but if there was a group that just thought of stuff all day, that'd be my ideal job.


  1. yessssssssss come stay awhileeeeee

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