Monday, March 8, 2010

you know i like my boys a little bit older.

excuse the short hiatus. i've been sick and i've had a hectic weekend.

I'm driving to my grandmas on friday cause i have no life and i'm on the phone with my mom and i'm telling her about the new car i'm going to buy next year because i hate the rav when all of the sudden my car starts shaking and puttering. you know that noise on movies right before a car breaks down...yeah i heard that. thankfully i was able to make it to my GoGo's house so my uncle who is a mechanic could do something with it. I have no idea how it made it there. the whole time i was on the phone with my mom she was like "pull over and have someone get you" i was like "mom, you lived in this city for 20+ years of your life...i hope by now you realize that they don't have shoulders to pull over on here." yeah. but i made it there and my uncle and my cousin fixed my car by sunday night. aka i love them so much. they even washed my car...i'm fairly sure i have the best family ever. also because everyone on my dad's side drove me to work and picked me up. oh right, i actually worked this weekend!

i got to see Alice in Wonderland with my cousin Ryan and uge so that was nice.

on saturday, i worked until 6 then went back to my grandma's and ate dinner.
alex and i then decided to go to mcdonalds and play in the play place. we met a small halfie there and played with her for like two hours. i got photo documentation but i'm sure it might be illegal to take pictures of small children without their parents consent... so i'll leave it up to your imagination.

sunday i worked yet again.
then went to get my car and went to my grams to discover yet another person has died...what is with the world these days?

in other news, i'm confused. i'm ready to graduate and i have a headache. these boring songs keep coming up on my Pandora and i want Pandora to realize that i don't like Spanish music. how many songs to i have to give a thumbs down to?

i think that when you spend one day to get everything organized, life works out so much better.
even though i'll never be done student teaching :[

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